Samespace Analytics

Make more informed business decisions.

Samespace Connect gives you complete understanding of your customers conversation journeys, so you can quickly improve conversion, retention, and customer delight.

Samespace Analytics

Realtime Pulse to
remove blindspots

Imagine every call handled by a top performer. We will help you get there with innovative analytics, monitoring & coaching features that allow managers and experienced agents to easily coach colleagues in real time.

Samespace Pulse

Bring your own data

Our analytics tool is suped up enough to be your single visualization engine. That’s by design. Many of our midsize customers use Samespace to visualize data across platforms, displaying their entire call center operations at a glance.

1. Connect a data source

You can import data from your favorite CRM with ease.

Data Source

2. Design Dashboard

It’s easy to drag and drop insights to build dashboard as per your use case.

Data Source

3. Share with stakeholders

Once dashboard is created you can share it with your teammates.

Data Source

Developer Tools

A platform that developers love

Establish the technological framework that makes your entire organization’s data analytics accessible, agile, and trustworthy - without compromising security and governance


Turn insights into action and action into results.