Beyond Generic LLMs

Origon AI is a sophisticated system capable of unparalleled precision. By training and fine-tuning Large Language Models (LLMs) on domain-specific data, we achieve a level of accuracy, security, and safety that sets it apart from standard, generic models.

Flowchart illustrating Origon AI's fine-tuning process, starting with a domain-specific dataset and functions, leading to an open-source foundation model with trainable weights, then improved through reinforcement learning from human feedback to create fine-tuned agents.
LLM Fine tuning & Training

Built on a Solid Foundation

Our Origon AI Stack operates within our self-managed global data centers, and it is powered by the latest NVIDIA H100 NVL GPUs. This investment reflects our commitment to delivering an unparalleled experience, reliability, and scalability that doesn't depend on public clouds.

Image of Samespace's data center showing server racks in a row with intricate cable management visible overhead, illuminated by vibrant colored lights, representing the company's robust infrastructure for AI processing.
Samespace Datacenter

Powering Samespace Innovation

Origon AI is the driving force behind every Samespace product, enabling us to provide a distinct advantage and unique value by creating specialized AI Agents tailored for specific applications.

Diagram illustrating how Origon AI forms the foundation of Samespace's four main products: Circle, Tribe, Pulse, and Wave, each with a unique function and design but unified by the underlying AI technology.