Why Is Omni-channel Experience Essential To Contact Centers?

Why Is Omni-channel Experience Essential To Contact Centers?

Manonmayi M

Why Is Omni-channel Experience Essential To Contact Centers?

Providing a seamless customer experience has taken priority over the past decade. Customers expect nothing less. They don’t want to be passed from one agent to another and have to explain the same issue over and over again.

An omni-channel contact center works as a connection across all channels. From Virtual Agents to live agents, it creates a seamless customer experience. Since customer satisfaction is one of the important factors, an omni-channel experience ensures that communication with customers is done easily and efficiently. Here are 5 benefits that help you notice how essential it is to contact centers.

Top 5 benefits of an omni-channel customer experience

Let’s take an example to set the context. A customer got in touch with your contact center, for the first time via chat. But the next time, they decided to call for a quicker resolution of the same issue. When two different agents speak to the same customer, there won’t be a break as the history of the customer’s conversation is already stored.

1. Integration is everything

Omni-channel helps maintain information flow across channels that includes phone, chat, email, and social media. In the above example, though both channels were different, the integration between them helped the information flow be smooth and uninterrupted. Agents and customers can get back to wherever they left off as everything is synced. The seamless transition between different channels keeps the customer experience intact. By having this advantage up your sleeves, the customers get the impression that your company works as one entity.

2. Successful customer retention

Did you know, businesses that provide an omni-channel experience have 91% higher customer retention rates year over year than those that do not? This experience gives customers the freedom of choice to connect on any channel along with positive results such as reduced wait time, repetition, and increased first-call resolution rate. Additionally, this approach offers a consistent experience to the customers as they will not be repeating themselves with issues they’re facing. Happy customers tend to remain associated with you for a long time.

3. Increase revenue

Omni-channel experience increases your company's revenue. How? — Just a 5% improvement in client retention might result in a stunning 75% boost in the company’s revenue. Additionally, repeat customers spend 35% more per purchase than first-time customers. What’s more, repeat customers generate 40% of revenues despite accounting for 8% of the customer population.

4. Customer insights

Customer insights with analytics give you the power to identify how your company can improve and what kind of audience you can target. To provide great customer service, it is essential to understand customer behavior and thinking so that your service is in line with what the customer wants and expects. The benefit of an omni-channel approach is that it allows companies to quickly understand a customer’s lifecycle through the interaction history and deliver real-time support.

5. Better reach to a wide range audience

With an omni-channel experience, you would be reaching out to a lot more audiences. There are more chances of engaging with existing and potential customers across multiple channels. Since social media usage is rising by the day, customers tend to reach out on such channels more often than traditional calls. What’s more, statistics show almost 90% of customers don’t purchase from companies that are not responsive to feedback or complaints on social media. This shows that omni-channel is essential so that customers have different options to engage.

Here’s how Samespace can help you

The omni-channel contact center offers the benefit of conversation history and little to no waiting time, which gives way to instant support — allowing the customers to get the best first impression. In order to make customer support flawless, we at Samespace, have given importance to omni-channel support and integration. The conversations are synced across channels such as chat, calls, emails, and social media (messenger, viber, etc.) making it easier for agents and customers to get quick responses. Additionally, we also offer features like Web HiFi, App Integration, and Conversational Studio. Check our website to explore Samespace today and book a demo to find out for yourself.